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How many prostitutes have you talked to?

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 8, 2013, 1:56 PM
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Hello, International Women's Day. This kind of made me think of an incident a few weeks ago that I want to rant about now.

So, begin rant.

I was looking at the deviation of someone I considered a friend. The purpose was to speak out against people who speak for Muslim women, who assume that they are oppressed little sheep who cannot make their own decisions, who are brainwashed somehow. Of course, abuse happens, and some women are probably brainwashed. Nonetheless, you look like an idiot white knighting for a group of people you know nothing about--especially you menfolk.

This is good. I agree.

Then he got on about "the real victims"--women who pose near naked for products and prostitutes.

Wait a second, sir, how many lingerie models and prostitutes have you talked to? Are you not doing the exact same thing?

But what really, really disturbed me was this piece:

Prostitutes get as little as $1 (median price) in South Africa. if you want to get laid, just pay $1. you will get a cheap lady and AIDS as a bonus.

Now isn't that a nasty, hateful thing to say? Certainly didn't come from a place of love and acceptance. It doesn't sound to me like he believes they are victims of anything--it sounds to me like he wants to shame them and cause harm.

I was so sure this was a mistake, because I did not expect this from someone I generally agree with, I let him know I think he should try to change it to sound less, well, insulting. He adamantly refused. He didn't call them cheap--they make themselves cheap, he says. Okay, whatever.

Disgusted, I told him I wouldn't send people to his page anymore when they had questions about Islam, and he told me that I was persecuting him for his beliefs, and trying to force my very pro-prostitution belief system on him (where he got that idea is beyond me--I am not any more pro-prostitution than I am pro-insulting them). He also told me that my opinions have less weight than a religious person's because they do not come from scripture.

Then he hides all of my comments and blocks me.

My wife, reading over my shoulder as always (and correcting my grammar and stuff, thanks wife :) ) tells her friend about it (I don't think that my wife even goes to the bathroom without telling her friend about it). She happens to be Muslim as well, and outraged, she types out her own long, respectful reply.

He decides that she can't possibly be a real muslim, she's just pretending she is to give her argument more weight, and he hides her comment, too, telling both of us that if we have our own opinions, we can type them out on our own pages.

End rant.

So, that's what I'm doing. Here's my take on "the real victims" of prostitution.

Imho, very few women actually aspire to be prostitutes. I am sure that they exist, but I've never met one personally and they don't advertise much on TV. I do know that some are forced into the life by addiction or poverty, and in some parts of the world there is no escape from a world of pain and abuse. These are not women who "cheapen themselves," they are women who don't know any better or don't have any means to escape.

There are women and (and men, but that's not the point right now) in the world who need saving, and they aren't the women who decide to cover their hair to please God, nor are they the women who completely willingly disrobe to sell a car.

From the World Health Organization…

Sex workers often do not have access to Sexually
Transmitted Infection (STI) and HIV/AIDS services. The
reasons for this are varied, but violence or fear of violence
and discrimination play a role. In the USA, police have
been known to confi scate condoms during routine "sweeps"
(i.e. arresting all women or people) in known sex work
districts, which undermines public health outreach efforts.

In Bangladesh, the national HIV surveillance
(1999-2000) found that between 52% and 60% of
street-based sex workers reported being raped
by men in uniform in the previous 12 months and
between 41% and 51% reported being raped by
local criminals.

In Namibia, 72% of 148 sex workers who were interviewed, reported being abused. Approximately
16% reported abuse by intimate partners, 18% by
clients, and 9% at the hands of the police.

In India, 70% of sex workers in a survey reported
being beaten by the police and more than 80% had
been arrested without evidence.

In Kazakhstan, police
routinely arrest and beat up sex workers and often force
them to bribe arresting offi cers with money or sexual

Many sex workers consider violence "normal" or "part of the job" and do not
have information about their rights. As a result, they are
often reluctant to report incidences of rapes, attempted (or
actual) murders, beatings, molestation or sexual assault to
the authorities

Criminalization of sex work contributes to an environment
in which, violence against sex workers is tolerated, leaving
them less likely to be protected from it.

To avoid "putting words into his mouth" which he also accused me of several times, you can read his whole post, in context here: but I wouldn't bother saying anything to him, because he's just going to hide your comment anyway.

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